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Logging threatens Victoria’s fish hatchery, the spectacular Snobs Creek falls and a precious Greater Glider population, RFPG Media Release 12 Feb 2018

The contribution of agriculture, water supply, tourism and plantation timber to the Central Highlands economy far outweighs that of native timber production, posted 18 Feb 2018

New data confirm rate of logging in Central Highlands is Unsustainable! posted 1 July 2017

Rubicon: beauty in Melbourne's backyard, posted 18 June, 2017

Voices from the forest, posted June 9, 2017

Time to step in Minister D'Ambrosio, posted June 6, 2017

Excellent resources in Murrindindi Guide for Winter 2017 posted June 6, 2017

VicForests' analysis explains shortfall in supply, posted April 27, 2017

Victoria’s forests are not magic puddings - VNPA, March 2017

Invitation: Mountain, Forests and River Ecology Tour, May 6, 2017

Heyfield timber mill: Time to face forest facts Nick Legge in the Weekly Times (3 April 2017)

Another log on the ire won't help.  Nick Legge opinion piece in The Age (30 March 2017)

Media Release: Very high conservation values of Rubicon and Marysville State Forests confirmed by latest Victorian Government report (16 March 2017)

RFPG research sets out the key issues: overcutting, breaches, fire risk, water yield, destruction of tourism asset (10 March 2017)

The battle to find balance between industry and environment (2 March 2017)

RFPG hosts guided walk through Rubicon Valley Historic Area (1 March 2017)

Devastating vision of logging vandalism in Rubicon Forest (22 Feb 2017)

RFPG invitation to Rubicon Dam Walk, Feb 25, 9:30 -1:30 pm, 10 k return (12 Feb 2017)

Memories of Black Saturday reminder that our forests need time to grow (13 Jan 2017)

Inaugral Rubicon State Forest tour (16 Dec 2016)

Fabulous invitation to join inaugral free Rubicon Forest Tour (10 Dec 2016)

Our forests, our trees (13 Dec 2016)

RFPG submissions re TRP (August and November, 2016)

RFPG rejects extreme logging proposed in proposed August amendments to VicForest's Timber Release Plan (TRP) (22 Sept 2016)

RFPg calls for community feedback regarding proposed TRP Amendments (26 July 2016)

RFPG alleges breaches of Code by VicForests in the Rubicon Forest (22 July 2016)

On the risks of large scale fuel reduction burns (in Autumn) (22 July 2016)

Taskforce struggling for 'durable outcomes' (19 July 2016)

Clearfelling the future (13 July 2016)

New ANU fact sheet on LBP (12 June 2016)

Riders in the Rubicon (9 June 2016)

Murrindindi reviews unsustainable logging: RFPG briefing (8 June 2016) 

Landsat images confirm extensive logging in Rubicon State Forest (5 June 2016)

Chopper over Rubicon (1 June 2016)

Premier refers RFPG submission to Forest Industry TaskForce (30 May 2016)

One stop chop: how regional forest agreements streamline environmental destruction (28 May 2016)

RFPG calls for development of a volcanoes tour around the Rubicon (26 May 2016)

Auditor General acknowledges forestry issues; refers FRPG concerns to audit team (23 May 2016)

In a nutshell (17 May)

RFPG Submission to Leadbeater's Possum Recovery Plan (22 April 2016)

RFPG tourist development proposals for Rubicon State Forest (19 April 2016)

Our chance to have a say in protecting Leadbeater’s Possum (19 March 2016)

RFPG submission to VicForests calls for unsustainable logging in the Rubicon to cease (7 Feb 2016, revised submission 25 May 2016)