VicForests' analysis explains shortfall in supply

VicForests' analysis of 'available' ash by decade of origin (here) shows: 

  • first, that once the post 1939 regrowth has gone there will be virtually no 'available' ash forest until the post 1960s logging regeneration cohort (now only 40-50 years old) comes on stream; and 
  • second, the extraordinary impact of the 2003, 2006-07 and 2009 fires, reflected in the enormous area of ash forest originating in the decade 2000-2009 which will become ‘available’, 

These data confirm the RFPG analysis included in our 2016 submission to VF ('Unsustainable') and in Nick Legge's 3 April 2017 piece in the Weekly Times ('Time to face forest facts').

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